Breast Lift (Mastopexia) Surgery in Turkey

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What is breast augmentation surgery?

To correct the following problems, you can do breast augmentation:

• Nipple (also known as breast cancer)
• Downward nipples
• Longer or outstretched nipples
• Lack of breast strength
The mastoptic method is the only way to significantly increase sagging breasts as it helps to lose skin loss. Not only breast augmentation can improve the position of the breasts, but you can increase and resize the nipple and separate it. In women who are experiencing volume loss or trying to increase their breast size, breast augmentation can be accomplished by breast augmentation.

By combining skin and tissue binding techniques, the plastic surgeon of UNC can reduce the excess skin of the breast and bring it to a younger position.

Who can enjoy breast lifting?

Women who are healthy, non-smokers can be good candidates for breast cancer in Turkey to repair the fallen breasts. If you want to plan more children, a plastic surgeon may recommend delaying breast lifting to avoid a change in pregnancy. This surgery can help those who have mild or severe breast damage (when the nipple is at the lowest point of the breast).

During the consultation, the surgeon describes in detail the possible incision sites / techniques. Possible Lift Types:

• Crescent
• Periareolar
• Lollipop
• Reverse T
• Donut
The choice of lifting technique depends on how much correction is required. These details are discussed extensively during the consultation so you know what to expect from your procedure.

The breast lifting process
Before you start the 1-3 hour outpatient surgery, you are under general anesthesia. Rarely, local anesthetic sedation may be used. After the plastic surgeon has performed the selected incision, the excess tissue is removed or converted and the skin tensioned to gently lift the breast. If necessary, the nipple and the sky will be better. When finished, the plastic surgeon closes the stitches and covers them with gauze.

Breast Augmentation (Enlargement)

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Breast enlargement can give all women a new look. Women who have always wanted a bigger bust or women who want to get their old breasts back after childbearing age can benefit greatly from this type of surgery.

Methods to increase breasts

The breast augmentation is intended to significantly increase breastfeeding. This operation does not change the position of the breasts in most cases but adds them to the current position. Breast enlargement can increase symmetrical breasts, but a very precise symmetry is not a realistic expectation. After the breast enlargement process is completed, the patient will have increased volume and much better overall appearance in the breasts.

There are several different ways to apply to breast cancer. The methods each have their own type of surgery and implant method. Techniques used to increase your eyes will depend on a variety of factors, including the patient’s preferences.

Benefits of boosting breasts

Most patients choose breast enlargement for aesthetic reasons. Breast cancer can significantly improve the appearance of women and even their appearance. Breast cancer can improve the volume for the woman who has never been happy with her breast size. Women seeking balance can also benefit from breast cancer. Anyone don’t who wants a broken look that is becoming so popular today can use the breast transplant to get that look. In some cases, women may lose the amount after breastfeeding, their children and breast enlargement may help restore this amount completely. Any small breast size self-esteem can greatly benefit new mammals.