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Plasma liposuction

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Loose skin is missing from liposuction. Many patients are afraid of liposuction because they do not want loose skin. Many patients have only loose skin in their arms, very little extra fat in their thighs and lower abdomen. These patients have always been told that they need a large cutting operation, which is not ideal for everyone’s lifestyle. Plasma liposuction technology first uses cold plasma energy to the skin (with the same liposuction) and results in immediate skin contraction, resulting in better relaxation, tightness and shrinkage. Previously, there was no technology to deliver this energy to the lower part of the skin without burning. Plasma is ionized helium and acts as an ice cold flame. So we can pull the collagen without burning the skin. Think of loose skin like loose shoelaces; Plasma technology eliminates the loose knot.

Plasma liposuction: Procedures performed

The most common wake-up lipo plasma is the removal of abdominal gentle fat and skin tension. This is a 60-minute hospital treatment with minimal downtime
Other common areas are loose neck skin, loose coal, loose knee skin, loose back skin and loose inner thighs.
Mini Tummy Tuck: Instead of full abdominal muscle, pull the skin out and simply remove the extra skin in the bikini line.
Instead of a full arm and footrest, mini lifts can be used with hidden incisions and residual skin.

Learn more about plasma liposuction

Plasma energy contains the excited state of helium ions between the fluid and the gas phase.

Renuvion is an advanced energy tool that combines the unique properties of cold helium plasma with RF energy. This revolutionary new technology for skin tension and body design enables the use of an even wider machine tool platform to achieve unfulfilled results.

Renuvion technology uses a gentle RF waveform to convert inert gas to cold plasma. Helium is used because it can be converted into plasma with very little energy. The result is an energy that is unique in providing tissue heating and cooling almost simultaneously.

Before and After Evaluation of Previous Patients and Reading Surgeons

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One of the best ways to work with a surgeon is to examine patients’ results and learn from previous patients. Most cosmetic surgeons have a previous and after-gallery with previous patients; Spend time with the Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL surgery) to find out that your work is good for you. You can also request that you view the unpublished photos during the consultation; maybe there are many other examples.

Make sure that the procedure is carried out in an accredited surgical facility or hospital

Surgical facilities accredited by AAAASF, AAAHC, Joint Committee or Medical Quality Institute should maintain and maintain a high level of safety, cleanliness, equipment and life-saving emergency preparedness. If the surgeon is working, an accredited body approved by the government office is an approved thumb rule. Certified cosmetic surgeons should only operate in these accredited facilities and work with qualified OR staff. An accredited surgeon has a red flag.


Make sure you get to know the positive opinion of online and negative opinions so that you can learn the practice from those who first experienced it. This is a good idea of how they practice their practice, the quality of their facilities, and how happy the patients were. Don’t stop after one or two recommendations; if you want to get a full picture, you need to read more reviews.

Do the lesson

As long as you have to rely on one point in your body’s expertise and experience, it is important that you enter the surgery with the basics of knowledge. Providing basic basic information on surgical interventions, associated risks and expectations – on high quality cosmetic websites, including the website.

This not only helps in the decision-making process, but also identifies the tools that need to be recognized if the surgeon is under-qualified and does not provide the information needed to select intelligent decisions or hide important security data.

Avoid budgetary procedures

Although funding opportunities have become available to many people, cosmetic BBL surgery is not cheap and should be cautious with a price tag below the national average. This is because you get what you pay for. When purchasing cosmetic BBL surgery cost in Turkey, the surgeon’s time and expertise should be properly trained, access should be provided to a properly maintained accredited facility, as well as special tools, technologies, and surgical tools.

Unfortunately, traveling Turkey is more common in cheaper price procedures, especially in Brazilian backlifts, and many patients see disastrous results. Waiting for change if the budget is cumbersome in the process, but a skilled surgeon who can safely maintain the desired results is not affordable.

We recommend that you learn more about the shadows of Brazilian buttock lift surgery and find a certified cosmetic surgery in the region.