Penis Enlargement

The procedure can be done via 2 techniques.

Via 2 times fat injection or Via Stem Cell Fat Injection.

Both methods are done after the fat removal of a body area such as the groins and then transplantation of the fat area around the penis. The girth of the penis increases this way and results are promising. The procedure is outpatient procedure and done under local anesthesia. The patient doesnt feel pain. The proccedure takes about 1 hour in total.


The Stem Cell Fat injection is the newest technology in this field. There is a special mashine just for this purpose. The blood of the patient is centrifujed in this mashine and fat transfer application is done in the surgical room. This procedure is permanent solution and results are promising. It is more expensive than the traditional fat injection procedure.

There is also urological approach to the penis enlargement for the length of the Penis. The veins are tied off for this and penis size can increase upto 5 cm.

We can combine one of the above procedures for the Girth of The Penis with the Urological Method to also increase the Length of the Penis.

These procedures need to be done in hospital environment as the Penis is a senstive Organ and great care is necessary to perform the surgeries.

A lot of men have concerns about their Penis being touched via surgeries, however the techniques have greatly been developed  and we receive good results in the enlargement of Penis.

We also can help men with erectile dysfuntion problems by placing penile prothesis which work great. Its especially preferred by men with diabetic problems or by men after urological surgeries such as prostate.

 Frequesntly Asked Questions about Penis Enlargement

Do you i need general anesthesia ?

Yes, you will need anestherisa for the enlargement surgeries. Therefore its recommended to stop medications and cigarettes for few days before the surgery

How long will the operations take ?

Both the lengthening of the penis and the enlargement of the penis will take about 2 hours in total. Surgery will be done in the sterile surgical room

What to expect after the surgery ?

Patient will remain 1 night in the Hospital. There could be small swellings but in general the procedure is not painful. Patient will leave the Hospital the next day and can walk and resume daily activities.

Will i use medications after the surgery ?

Yes, you will use antibiotics and pain killers.

When can i have sex after the surgery ?

It is recommend to have sex 1 month later

When can i do sports ?

We recommended that you dont do extensive sports

Will i have problems on erection and experience loss of sensivity?

No, there won’t be any problem on erection and there won’t be a loss of sensitivity at all. On the contrary, you will gain more condidence after the operation and reach a better sex life.

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